Mom Sentenced To 30 Years For Revealed 1991 Murder Of Son She Claims Disappeared

49-year-old Michelle Lodzinski received her sentence after being convicted in May for the murder of her 5-year-old son back in 1991. The Florida woman is set to serve a 30-year sentence in a New Jersey prison for her horrible crime.

Lodzinski herself reported her son missing on May 25, 1991, claiming he disappeared when the two attended a carnival. Her story was that she went to get a soda, and when she turned back around, Timmy was gone.

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Authorities had long suspected the woman's involvement in her son's death, a claim which she refuted on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for prosecutors, there wasn't any evidence to tie her to her son's murder, that is, until 2014.

A blanket was found near Timmy's remains, which were discovered in 1992. Multiple attempts were made to connect the blanket to Lodzinski, but she denied having seen it before. It wasn't until relatives were questioned that they revealed having seen the blanket in the family's house, making a more definitive connection between the remains and the mother.

Lodzinski was 23 at the time of the disappearance and her conflicting story about the disappearance raised the authorities' suspicions. The disappearance occurred in Sayreville, NJ, but eventually, Lodzinski moved to Minnesota and then Florida.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey expressed his disappointment with the sentence, saying, "Despite her efforts to conceal one of the most notorious crimes in the history of Middlesex County by killing her son, dumping his remains in a swamp, falsely claiming he was abducted by strangers, and spearheading a desperate search for a child she knew was already dead, Michelle Lodzinski was sentenced to the minimum sentence permitted under the law."

Carey's statement revealed that prosecutors were seeking a life sentence for Lodzinski. The troubling aspect was that, according to Carey, Lodzinskin "showed no remorse for the death of her child."

Lodzinski has already been in jail for 884 days, so her sentence has been reduced to 27 years and five months.

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