Man Saves Toddler Wandering The Streets At 3am

A man in Memphis, Tennessee, was sitting outside his home with is friend at three in the morning when the two say something they never expected to see. A little girl was walking toward them crying, not wearing a jacket, and clearly lost. The man and his friend tried to help the girl home before calling the cops. They posted a video on Facebook that has since gone viral.

Soloman Jones and his friend had just gotten home when the noticed a little girl walking down the street. Jones picked the girl up, who proceeded to hold on to him tightly as she cried. While walking around the neighborhood, Jones captured a video explaining what was going on.

"You knew she was scared because she was just walking around crying, so when we were holding her, she was holding on to us real tightly," Jones said.

After not being able to find the girl's home, Jones called the police. In his video he explained that he didn't want to "snitch" on the parents to the police, but he didn't know who the parent's were, so he needed help returning the child.

"Luckily God left us out here," Jones said in his video.

Since his post, the video has been seen more than 35,000 times. Some people have shared their support and thanks. They even call Jones a hero. While other have complained about his choice to share the video.

"I don't think I'm a hero," he said. "I think I'm just somebody doing my part for the community, doing my part to keep people safe. I'd want somebody to do the same for my little girl."


The girl has been returned to her parents, who have since thanked Jones for his help. There is still no word about how she managed to get out of the house at such a late hour.