Lindsay Lohan Has Converted To Islam

Lindsay Lohan shocked the public once again and has reportedly converted to Islam.

Not only did the 30-year-old actress convert religions, but she also deleted every post on her Instagram account. The Mean Girls star removed every photo and left only the phrase "Alaikum salam," which is Arabic for "peace be unto you."

The phrase is a friendly greeting typically used by Muslims in many social situations and during worship, according to Digital Spy.

Twitter user Sam Khalifa shared a screenshot of Lohan's Instagram account. "Lindsay Lohan wipes all photos on her Instagram account leaving just 'Alaikum salam' on her bio. Subhan'Allah. May Allh guide her. Ameen."

Some fans are of the opinion that Lohan's social status is simply a reflection of her respect for Dubai in light of her vacation to the city over the holidays. Others believe that Lohan has fully converted to the Islamic religion.

Lohan first sparked rumors that she had converted back in 2015. The actress was photographed holding a copy of the Quran while doing community service in Brooklyn, according to Daily Mail.

"My very close friends, who have been there for me a lot, in London are Saudi and they gave me the Quran and I brought it to New York because I was learning," Lohan said.

"It opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning," she said. "This is who I am."

Lindsay Lohan also mentioned that she received a massive amount of criticism for carrying the Quran.

"They crucified me for it in America," she said. "They made me seem like Satan. I was a bad person for holding that quran."

In recent weeks, Lohan drew heavy attention from her bizarre Instagram posts. One particular post that was criticized was posted on January 3, 2017. Lohan posted a poem where she discussed fixing "idle ISIS minds."

"Then I realize, at least I am in a bed, / I am still alive, / so what can really be said? / just go to bed and close the blinds, / still and so on, I cannot help but want to fix all these idled isis minds/ because, / there has to be something I can figure out / rather than living in a world of fear and doubt / they now shoot, we used to shout," she wrote.

What are your thoughts about Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam?


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