Legal Documents Reveal Angelina Jolie Thinks Brad Pitt Is ‘Terrified The Public Will Learn The Truth’

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly agreeing on one thing: their divorce and custody proceedings should be kept private. However, the two are in the midst of a dispute as the Maleficent actress claims that her estranged husband only wants to keep their negotiations out of the public eye in order to maintain his image.

Angelina Jolie, 41, believed that it was foolish for Brad to accuse her of dragging their divorce dealings into the public eye. According to the legal documents obtained by TMZ, Laura Wasser says that Brad is lashing out due to the fact that he's "terrified that the public will learn the truth."

The World War Z star went off on Angelina after she filed unsealed documents that were drawn up with the goal of preventing Pitt from changing the custody arrangement. In the most recent court docs, Angelina accused her former beau of attempting to "deflect from [his] own role in the media storm which has engulfed the parties' children."

The document continued: "There is little doubt that [Brad] would prefer to keep the entire case private, particularly given the detailed investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Children and Family Services into allegation of abuse."

As you might imagine, the holiday season wasn't exactly drama-free for Brangelina's brood. The couple's six kids – Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and 8-year-old twins Knox Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt – spent Christmas at their father's house, and Jolie was reportedly entirely outraged.

"Angelina [was] furious about this," a source close to the couple said. "She's having a meltdown. She can't believe it's happening. After being told that the kids were cleared to visit Brad at his house she tried to change the terms and have the visit at her home. But she was firmly told no. And that made her furious."

Even though the kids spent Christmas at Brad's house, the 53-year-old actor is having a difficult time not being able to be with his children every day.

One of his closest friends said: "'Brad's anguish is palpable right now. He desperately misses having his kids with him at Christmas and New Year. These supervised visits are sheer hell on him. He's broken down in tears so many times – he's not ashamed to cry any more."

Whose side are you on in the divorce? Brad or Angelina's?

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