Lady Gaga And James Corden Rock Out With Claws Out In Carpool Karaoke Preview

Watch out, here comes Lady Gaga and James Corden in Carpool Karaoke.

The pop diva and the host of the Late Late Show spent a day out and about driving around and singing along for Corden's regular Carpool Karaoke segment. During this drive, not only did Corden and Gaga get way into her hit "Bad Romance," but they also discussed the Superbowl.

The CBS show released the sneak preview of this week's Carpool Karaoke on Twitter. The short video starts off with Corden thanking Gaga for help getting him to work on time. That help consists of her yelling out the window and immediately going into her rendition of "Move Bitch" by Ludacris.

Of course what would a car ride with Lady Gaga be without talking about her upcoming performance at the Superbowl early in 2017? To fully understand how Gaga was feeling when she first got the call about the show, she and Corden decided to reenact it. Corden nailed his impression of "Dave" from the NFL.

Finally, the two started rocking out with their claws out to Gaga's hit "Bad Romance." Gaga seriously gets into the dance, but Corden is a bit off throughout the number. Sure, it's hard to drive, sing, and dance, but he could have put in a little more effort – it's not like he doesn't do this kind of thing all the time.


The clip ends with a quick glance of Corden sporting a classic Gaga look, which is certainly something to look forward to. The entire segment will premiere during The Late Late Show on Tuesday at 12:35 am ET.

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