Kylie Jenner's Assistant Reveals What It Is Like To Work For The Star

News broke over the weekend of the amount of effort Kylie Jenner put into helping her assistant get surprised by a wedding proposal, proving that their relationship is a little more involved that employer/employee. In a video posted on Kylie's app, assistant Victoria Villarroel gave the inside info on just what it's like to work so closely with one of the most famous people on the planet.

Five years ago, Villarroel took a job with Kylie's mom's company, Jenner Communications, and in Villarroel's words, "I would see Kylie there all the time 'cause it was her mom's company." She clearly left an impression with Kylie, because when she came back to the company years later in search of a job, Kylie admitted that Villarroel was still saved in her phone as "Victoria the Princess."

Villarroel and Jenner clicked so well through working so closely together that quickly her role turned her into one of Kylie's closest confidants, far more than just an employee. Being such a close friend makes Villarroel aware of the most intimate details of Kylie's life, some of which I'm sure fans are dying to know.

The assistant remembers the transition to confidant quite clearly, admitting, "We were talking, and I remember word for word. She said, 'Close the door. I want to tell you my deepest secrets.'"

Although the two have only worked intimately for a year, Villarroel knows they've got each others' backs, claiming, "I can trust her. She trusts me."

As far as her duties, Villarroel described them as, "When I first started, I was more like house manager, I helped the house run. Like groceries, cars, everything just had to be perfect." Ultimately, her main purpose exists "for [Kylie's] everyday life to be smooth."

The job might sound glamorous, but it's not a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 kind of job. Villarroel says it's basically 24/7 responsibilities, citing, "She'll call me 2 a.m. I will answer."


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