Kris Jenner Showers Khloe Kardashian's Boyfriend With Insane Amount Of Gifts

We already know how the Kardashian family has been feeling about Blac Chyna lately, what with all the drama created by her and Rob splitting up and reuniting, but how does Kris Jenner feel about her potential son-in-law Tristan Thompson? Well, if there's a direct connection between the financial value of materials gifted to you for Christmas, the precise answer is "very much a lot."

As you can see in the video of Tristan opening gifts on Christmas morning, it looks like Kris spared no expense at showering Khloe's boyfriend with gifts, from expensive bags to jewelry, this looked like quite the memorable holiday.

Thompson is a star basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, so even though he could clearly afford all these lavish gifts on his own, Khloe pointed out on Snapchat "If you can't already tell... My mom loves Him," so clearly it was more about the meaning behind the gifts than monetary value.

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Even still, the watch alone that Thompson received from Jenner normally retails from around $85,000, something we're sure Thompson appreciated.

What's the most lavish gift you've gotten from the parent of a significant other? Let us know in the comments!

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