Kim Kardashian's New Nails Look Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie

Kim Kardashian is going bold with her nails again. The reality star just got back from her family vacation in Costa Rica and decided to be a little daring with her new nail art obsession.

Before the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star left for her tropical retreat, she shared a photo of her new nail style. Normally, she wears short, acrylic nails, but she recently opted for longer nails that have rings pierced in the tips. Just a bit of added bling to her fingers.

Now, Kardashian has stepped up her nail game, while going a little punk in the process. The social media mogul opted for long, shiny black acrylic nails with some intense piercings. This time, instead of simply having a few rings at the tips of her nails, these bad boys feature rings connected together by a silver chain.

While this new statement looks pretty bad ass, it can't possibly be easy to do much of anything with her pinky, ring and middle fingers attached by a chain. What's more, the chain dangles a bit, so it's likely to get caught on everything. It's hard to tell if this is just a one time, in the moment fashion statement, or if she plans to rock these nails for a few days.

This isn't the first time Kardashian has rocked temporary piercings, both in her nails and in her face. She has recently been seen sporting a fake lip ring. Perhaps she is channeling her inner rebel with her 2017 look.


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[H/T Daily Mail]