Kim Kardashian's Concierge Reveals New Robbery Information In First Video Interview

During the Kim Kardashian robbery that went down in Paris earlier in October, the hotel concierge who was handcuffed and held at gunpoint has opened up about the frightening ordeal.

The man named Abdulrahman, who only prefers that his first name be used for security purposes, chronicled the terrifying events of the night. He said that when the robbers first arrived, they handcuffed him and took him up to the first floor. When the criminals arrived at Kim's room, she was lying on the bed.

"When she saw police, because they were dressed like police, she didn't understand for a few seconds," Abdulrahman said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight's Jennifer Peros.

Abdulrahman revealed that there was a huge communication issue because the robbers only spoke French, and Kim only speaks English.

"'Where is money, money, money?" one of the robbers said according to Abdulrahman. "For him, it was just a ring, I think ... he didn't stop asking for money."

When the Selfish author told the crooks that she didn't have much cash on hand, they began to demand that she give them more jewelry. Kim then handed the man a jewelry box.

"They weren't there for jewels at first, they were there for money," Abdulrahman said. "He put the jewels in his [backpack] and he left the bag open, that is why he lost some jewels and the gold in the hotel."

"[The robber] said, 'I don't need phones' in French, [but] he doesn't understand English, and also she didn't understand French, and the guy was asking for money, money, money," he said. "She believed that they were there for her ring. She showed her hand ... there is no ring, and the guy is like, 'Where is the ring?' At the moment she gave him her ring -- it was on a table close to the floor -- she gave her ring to the guy ... and he put it in his pocket."

What is interesting about Abdulrahman's account of the events is that it directly contradicts initial reports. The widely held belief at first was that the robbers were there to steal Kim's expensive jewelry collection that she regularly showcased on social media.

The stolen diamonds had an estimated worth of $11.2 million. Earlier this month, jewelry appraiser Joseph DuMouchelle explained that the rarity and quality of the diamonds would make it extremely difficult for the criminals to sell the diamonds.

"These diamonds would be almost impossible to sell," DuMouchelle said. "It's not that they couldn't be sold, but they're challenging because of the size, the rarity, and because of the quality. If these come up and they resurface down the road, even if they're recut, there's always a good chance that someone would recognize the fact that they're so unusual that they should be investigated."

Since the incident, the 35-year-old reality star has only been seen in the public eye twice. The first was on Monday night when she went out for ice cream with her friend Jonathan Cheban. The following day, Kim attended her husband Kanye West's concert at The Forum in Inglewood, California with her sister Kourtney and many of the other members of the Kardashian clan.

What are your thoughts about these latest details regarding the Kim Kardashian robbery?


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