Kim Kardashian Makes Public Appearance To Give Kisses To Two Special Boys

There are two special little boys out there that are so precious that even Kim Kardashian couldn't help but come to visit them. The reality star has been very selective about where she is seen when she heads out of her home ever since her Paris robbery. But these two little babies managed to get Kardashian out of the house.

The babies belong to Kardashian's makeup artist and friend Joyce Bonelli. They were born earlier this week, but are still at the hospital waiting to go to their new home. Of course, the adorable twins couldn't wait to meet their "Auntie Kiki."

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Kardashian visited Bonelli and the twins at the hospital. What's more, Kardashian was seen holding and kissing the little guys on social media!

"The Boys 'First Kiss' From Auntie KiKi," Bonelli captioned the photos on Instagram.

Since October, Kardashian has been absent from social media. She briefly made a comeback not too long after the robbery, but decided against it and deleted her tweets. Since then, the only time anyone has seen Kardashian on social is when she is featured in other's posts.

So far, Kardashian has only been seen on her sister's accounts. Khloe took a few videos of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star during Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve party, where she looked as amazing as ever. Kardashian also managed to temporarily take over her sister Kylie Jenner's account by taking a video while trying to locate Jenner.

These two little boys must be particularly special to not only manage to get Kardashian to come out for a visit but to get her to pose for a picture on Instagram. The boys are ridiculously adorable, so it's easy to see why Kardashian was eager to meet them.

Congratulations to Bonelli on the newest additions to her family.

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