Kim Kardashian (Kind Of) Returns To Social Media

Between her robbery in Paris two months ago and her husband Kanye West going in and out of the hospital, Kim Kardashian has been pretty silent on social media lately. Although her personal Instagram account hasn't posted anything since October, a verified Kimoji account debuted on social media last night, and some of the posts even got likes from the debutante's personal account, so we know she hasn't deleted the app completely.


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The account has made six posts so far, three of which are of a woman in panties twerking and the other three are images of more ladies in underwear. It's unclear who these women are, why they're dancing, or what has happened to their clothing, but we can only hope their outfits are found quickly and in good condition.

The posts also feature the date "DECEMBER 16," but it's unclear what will happen then. Kim's sister recently opened a pop-up shop to sell her makeup, so it's possible there could be a surprise Kimoji store coming to a mall near you, or maybe that's a day when these women, who are presumably chilly, will reunite with their clothing. Maybe December 16 is the day Gabbo will be coming to TV? We literally have no idea.

What do you think will happen on December 16? A Kim-pocalypse? Let us know in the comments!

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