Kidnap Victim Relentlessly Tormented By Online Harassers Claiming It Was A Hoax

In March of 2015, Denise Huskins was held at gunpoint, drugged, and kidnapped from her home in [...]

In March of 2015, Denise Huskins was held at gunpoint, drugged, and kidnapped from her home in Vallejo, CA. The Vallejo police initially made public statements that they believed the 2-day kidnapping to have been staged, earning the nickname of the "Gone Girl" kidnapping, and two years later, Huskins continues to receive harassment from the event.

Huskins took to Facebook recently to show the world the types of comments she continues to receive from strangers, saying, "All I did was survive, and I was criminalized for it."

She posted a screenshot of a message she received from a man living in Peoria, IL, which read, "Are you that horrible lying woman who faked her own kidnapping???"

The message continued, "Oh wow you are such a horrible person," adding, "You are going to hell for the [stuff] u have done. I'd like to slap you a few times…. And just so u known, ur not as pretty as u think. I'd put u at being 5 outta 10."

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Four months after Huskins' kidnapping, Matthew Muller was arrested for committing a similar kidnapping in Dublin, CA. The suspect pleaded guilty to the kidnapping last September and awaits sentencing, but that wasn't good enough for Huskins' critics.

The combination of the traumatic kidnapping and online harassment has had a heavy emotional impact on Huskins.

"After reading this I went into one of my many PTSD episodes of terror," she posted. "My jaw and back are sore from the deep powerful shaking and reflexive tension that my whole body goes into. My eyes are sore and red from uncontrollable tears. I am thoroughly exhausted, every inch of my body is tired from the fit of terror it was battling."

Aaron Quinn was also drugged and held at gunpoint during Huskins' kidnapping, so as one of the only other witnesses to the crimes, he made a post on Facebook defending Huskins.

"I post this because I cannot believe the amount of unwarranted hatred Denise Huskins has received from law enforcement's flat out lie," he wrote. "This message was sent yesterday, more than a year and a half after one of the kidnappers was caught. Denise endured unimaginable horrors and should have been treated like a hero when she got home but instead she continues to endure vile messages such as this one. Nevertheless she conducts herself with love and grace. She's my favorite person and unquestionably my hero."

Huskins and Quinn refuse to accept what has been done to them and have filed suits against the Vallejo police department for defamation, false arrest and false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

Their attorney told PEOPLE, "For the rest of their lives these two individuals have essentially a tattoo on their forehead, which labels them as hoaxers." 

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