Kaley Cuoco's Steamy Outfit On Big Bang Theory This Week Has The Internet Melting

Penny and Leonard in a sex dungeon - yep that happened. Or, at least, that happened in Sheldon's nightmare in the latest episode of Big Bang Theory. Kaley Cuoco got to dress up in a saucy number that fans of the show have been tweeting about all day.

Some fans reacted much like Leonard or Howard might react to seeing Penny in that outfit.

Other's acted more like Sheldon.

Then, of course, there is Raj's reaction:


Of course, Penny's dominatrix ways wasn't the main focus of the episode, but it is certainly one of the key points that viewers remember. Sheldon, while anxious about the idea of moving in with Amy, dreams that his old, beloved bedroom in his apartmet with Leonard has been turned into a sex dungeon. Sheldon's worst nightmare.

Of course, seeing the characters react to this situation is beyond hilarious. Could you imagine if the dream had been the other way around? What do you think of Sheldon's nightmare?


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