JK Rowling Scorches Donald Trump In Six Words

After Meryl Streep used the platform of her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday to blast Donald Trump, there was a slew of celebrities inspired by her actions. One of the stars who voiced her opinion in support of the Florence Foster Jenkins actress was J.K. Rowling.

The Harry Potter author responded to a tweet on Monday in which she totally slammed the President-elect of the United States.

Twitter user TechnicallyRon wrote: "If all famous people can constantly criticise Trump for the next four years he'll be too busy ranting on twitter to kill us all."

J.K. Rowling responded by writing: "When a pleasure becomes a duty."

After Rowling tweeted the Donald Trump burn, a social media user responded to her by writing: "@jk_rowling next he'll be calling you overrated. @TechnicallyRon."

Rowling replied: "Never forget that some people's good opinion would be more insulting than their abuse!"

During his candidacy, Rowling was an outspoken critic of the billionaire real estate mogul. She even compared Donald Trump to the most sinister character in her wildly popular book series, Lord Voldemort.

J.K. Rowling was one of many who has spoken out on Donald Trump since the Golden Globes. Hollywood superstar George Clooney scorched Trump.

Hollywood superstar George Clooney scorched Trump. The co-hosts of The View erupted after Jedediah Bila defended the President-elect. Piers Morgan slammed Meryl Streep for her hypocritical speech.

What was your reaction to reading J.K. Rowling's tweet about Donald Trump?

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