Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Nicknames For Celebrities She Doesn't Like

Jennifer Lawrence might not seem like a physical force to be reckoned with, but during a recent interview, she revealed that sometimes sticks, stones, and words can hurt someone if you end up seeing her bad side. The actress recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live! with her best friend, who revealed code words J-Law uses to safely discuss celebrities she hates.

The "Pickle"? The "Lady"? Who on earth could she be talking about?! Once some of the nicknames were revealed, Lawrence couldn't help but clarify a few points by saying, "The lady has different variations; there's the raging lady, the lady in red, the lady in waiting."

When pressed for more intimate information, like "Grossest Thing You've Caught Your BFF Doing" and "One Celebrity Your BFF Refuses To Do A Movie With," Lawrence's pal pleaded the 5th and opted to take a drink of her beverage. Perhaps it's that beverage that convinced her to reveal the secret nicknames? Hopefully a full investigative report is launched into the matter to determine the identity of the Pickle.

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[H/T Variety]