Jamie Foxx Was Physically Assaulted At A Restaurant By A Guy 'From New York'

Jamie Foxx had a wild weekend in West Hollywood when a guest at a restaurant where he was dining decided to tell the Oscar-winning actor where he grew up before lunging at him.

According to witnesses at Catch restaurant, Jamie and his group of friends were enjoying dinner on the patio when the man approached the group to complain about them being too loud. According to one witness, the man's words got heated, saying, "You don't want to mess with me. I'm from New York."

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This might be where Foxx ran into trouble, as everyone should know that if you are from New York, people are legally required to do whatever they say, especially when it comes to how loud you can talk at dinner.

Rather than respect this New Yorkers volume requests, one of Jamie's guests replied to the man by saying, "F**k you, I'm from Oakland."

Witnesses say this is when the incident went the way of Olivia Newton-John and "got physical." The man lunged at Foxx, which is where stories from witnesses begin to contradict one another. Some witnesses say the man never got close to Foxx, while others claimed he got close enough for Foxx to put him in a choke hold.

Regardless of whether or not a chokehold took place, the man from New York and his party were ejected from the restaurant.

There are a lot of questions about this story, but it sounds like it was just a matter of miscommunication. Perhaps the man thought one of Jamie's friends said they were from Aukland, New Zealand, and the man was upset about what happened in the Hobbit trilogy, most of which was filmed in New Zealand. Or maybe there was a discussion about New York City pizza, but the man meant he was from the state of New York and not the city and this was his first time ever leaving Rochester. Or, most likely, the man from New York told Foxx how much he loved Stealth, an opinion shared by all New Yorkers, and Foxx thought he was being sarcastic.


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