It Pays to Play! Powerball Ticket Winner Is Somewhere in Tennessee!

For the 6th time in history, and the second time in 2016, someone is taking home the Powerball jackpot from Tennessee.

According to NBC, one lucky winner will be cashing out the grand prize of $420.9 million dollars. Officials say this drawing beat 292 million-to-1 odds against the 11th-largest jackpot ever.

It's still a mystery who the lucky winner is; However, the state has narrowed it down to a person in Lafayette in Macon County.

Tennessee Lottery officials are advising everyone to sign the back of their lottery ticket and to keep it in a safe place. The winner will have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim the multi-million-dollar price.

Good Luck! It obviously pays to play in Tennessee!


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