Inner Thigh Fat Blasting Circuit [VIDEO]


Time to target those thighs with a fat-torching strength circuit. You'll move through seven exercises, doing a 30-second burst of cardio in between to ramp up your aerobic training and turn on the fat-burning system. Follow fitness instructor Jean Sherfick through each move, listening for her cues on body alignment, breathing and modifications. She'll lead you through a warm up and a cool down for a complete workout. Grab some sliders (fuzzy socks or paper plates if you're on carpet, or towels if you're on hardwood) and a resistance band, and get to work! Try to complete this circuit more than once, going straight into it after 60 seconds of rest, then cool down when you're completed finished.

Moves You'll See

  • Body Bar Adductor Lifts
  • Plié Squat Jump
  • Gliding Side Lunges
  • Lying Leg Abduction with Resistance Band
  • Kneeling Roundhouse Kicks
  • Attitude to Side Sweep
  • Gliding Hip Abduction