If You're Not Losing Weight, It's Probably Because You're Not Eating This

Stubborn belly fat weighing you down? It can be hard to pick out the right food to assist you on your weight loss journey, but we can help! We have 30 foods that can help you cut down on fat, from breakfast to dinner!

1. Sweet Potato Chips: If you love your starches, swap your baked potato for its sweeter cousin. You'll find they help you stay full longer, which prevents snacking, AND they're low-calorie! Try our Sweet Potatoes Chips as a low-cal snack!

2. Fish: High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, you should definitely be incorporating fish into your diet. It's a low-cal entree that you can enjoy while losing weight. Try out this Skinny Lemon Tilapia for dinner tonight.

skinny lemon tilapia

3. Green tea: Green tea is filled with antioxidants that have been proven to speed your metabolism. Some studies have even shown that tea drinkers can burn, on average, up to 200 more calories than non-tea drinkers. We recommend you skip bottled teas, which have more sugar and less nutrients. Instead, brew your own with a tea bag.

green tea

4. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are low in calories but do an awesome job of making you feel full! They are also full of good-for-you nutrients that can help your body shed weight. Get more info on the healthy qualities of tomatoes here!

variety of colorful tomatoes

5. Avocado: Avocados, while higher in calories, are also filled with a healthy fat that works alongside fat-burning hormones to prevent your body from storing excess fats. We love avocado on our morning toast or in our Avocado Chicken Salad.


6. Grapefruit: Grapefruit has been clinically proven to aid in weight loss. While it's not always common on a grocery list, it ought to be! Try eating one with breakfast or as a snack.


7. Calcium: Calcium does a great job of breaking down fats and can prevent more from forming. Find a healthy way to get in your calcium, whether as a supplement or in a low-fat yogurt.

8. Egg whites: The yolk of an egg contains more cholesterol and fat then the rest, so when you're looking to drop some pounds, skip the yolk and enjoy a protein packed egg white. We like to put them on a breakfast sandwich!

turkey bacon egg white spinach breakfast sandwich

9. Fat-Burning Cran-Peach Smoothie: This recipe combines cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, peaches and cucumbers for a 116-calorie smoothie. Cucumbers are diuretics, which means they will help remove excess body fluids and fat calls by breaking down the fat cells so they can be eliminated from the body. Click here to get the recipe!


10. Nuts: Enjoy a handful of nuts as a snack this afternoon. They are filled with proteins to keep you full, allowing you to better control your hunger.

assorted nuts

11. Kale: This is a nutrient-dense leafy green that is absolutely packed with nutrients. It will suppress your appetite and clean the toxins out of your body. Make our Crispy Kale Chips for a healthy snack!

12. Salad: This may seem obvious, but it's accurate! Eating a small salad before a meal helps you to fill up on water-filled foods with nutrients. You can transform your salad into an entree with lean meats, beans and veggies! We love this Skinny Cobb Salad!

skinny cobb salad

13. Apple Superfood Oatmeal: This oatmeal is a great weight loss breakfast. Oats promote a faster metabolism so you can lose weight easier, and the chia seeds are an amazing superfood! Click here to see the recipe.

superfood oatmeal
(Photo: Girl Makes Food)

14. Chia seeds: These tiny little seeds are filled with omega-3 fats, fiber and protein. They will boost your metabolism and turn on glucagon, which is a fat-burning hormone. Not sure how to use chia seeds?

chia seeds

15. Black beans: Black beans are loaded with fiber, which means your body is moving things out much faster. They are also filled with potassium, iron and protein. They'll fill you up and keep your body in tip-top shape! Add your black beans into our Skinny Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla.

black bean and corn quesadilla

16. Soup: When we say soup, we bean a nice broth-based soup, nothing creamy. It's filled with water, which has no calories, and you can make it into a healthy meal with veggies and lean meats. Try out our Weight Loss Soup this week!

weight loss soup

17. Quinoa: This superfood is growing in popularity and for good reason! Its greatest benefit is that it's an amazing skinny swap! Eat this instead of a more fattening or calorie dense side to aid in your weight loss. Try out this Quinoa Mexi-Lime Salad tonight and keep leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

18. Whole grains: This is the type of carb that is good for you! It contains fiber that helps to keep you full while also promoting a speedy metabolism.


19. Quinoa Spinach Parmesan Risotto: Quinoa makes for a great side to any meal, and the addition of vitamin-filled spinach means you'll be getting a huge blast of nutrients — just what your body needs to get healthy. Click here to see the recipe.


20. Skinny Berry Protein Smoothie: Anything with protein powder is a good way to lose fat because it contains amino acids that burn fat while building muscle! Click here for the recipe.

skinny blueberry protein smoothie

21. Broccoli: This is a another green you really ought to be eating! It's fiber-filled, low in calories and a great source of vitamins and minerals. Eat broccoli in your entree, like this Cheesy Twice-Baked Potato & Broccoli Casserole or serve up our Skinny Broccoli Tots for a side dish!

22. Spinach: Leafy greens are packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs. They have very little calories but a lot of fiber, making them ideal for your weight loss diet. Try using spinach in a smoothie, on a sandwich, as the base of a salad or in this Quinoa Spinach and Parmesan Risotto. Learn more about the power of spinach here.


23. Apples: Low in fat, calories and sodium, this fruit is sweet, which can curb sugar cravings, but also fibrous, which helps your body run! It keeps you full while promoting good digestion.


24. Coconut oil: Coconut oil has a lot of uses (here are 50 to check out)! We love to cook with it because your body will choose to burn the energy from this oil instead of storing it as a fat.

coconut oil pan

25. Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal: Oats are a great way to boost your metabolism, and this recipe is a low-cal meal and a nice amount of both fiber and protein to keep your body happy! Click here to be taken to our recipe.

Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal

26. Cinnamon: Cinnamon does more than just taste good! It helps move glucose into your cells faster, meaning insulin, a fat-storing hormone, doesn't stick around! Remember, a stop at Cinnabon doesn't count and you need to consume at least a quarter of a teaspoon to reap the benefits.


27. Coffee: Your favorite morning drink gives your body a boost of adrenaline, sending a message to start burning fat. We recommend you take your coffee black and caffeinated to give you that boost.


28. Watermelon: Watermelon is full of — you guessed it — water! It takes up more room in your stomach, signaling to your brain that you are full. This prevents over-eating and also gives you some vitamins! Try our Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad.

Watermelon, feta, and mint salad0comments

29. Oysters: This is a super low-cal meal perfect for dining out! They contain zinc, which will really curb your appetite and stop any PMS-induced cravings. Just be sure you aren't eating them with a buttery, fattening sauce.

fresh oysters on ice with lemon

30. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Mash: Low in calorie and high in vitamin A, this is a tasty way to eat a starch! You'll have a good dose of fiber and protein with this dish, giving your body what it needs. Check it out here.

skinny mom Slow Cooker Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe