Husband Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Secret Escort Wife

On Tuesday, a 65-year-old married man was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of a single [...]

On Tuesday, a 65-year-old married man was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of a single mother from Colorado, who secretly worked as an escort.

This was the second time Lester Ralph Jones was put on trial for the killing of Paige Birgfeld. Back in September, the case ended in a mistrial due to the fact that the jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict, according to Daily Mail.

Paige Birgfeld was 34-years-old at the time of her disappearance in 2007. Her friends and family described her as a "soccer mom," who ran several businesses to support her kids including selling kitchen products and baby slings.

Jess Dixon, Birgfeld's 17-year-old daughter, testified in the first trial that her mother would stay busy taking her brothers to school and games.

After Birgfeld's disappearance, the investigators on the case discovered that she had been running a secret escort business. When she was with her clients, Birgfeld would go by the name "Carrie."

Law enforcement officials discovered that one of the last people that Birgfeld spoke to before her death was Lester Ralph Jones.

According to one of her fellow escorts, Jones requested an appointment with the Birgfeld. However, he canceled after he learned that she was the ex-wife of one of his former colleagues with whom he worked with at the local fire department, an affidavit obtained CBS Denver explained.

In the days prior to Birgfeld's appearance, evidence from her phone records indicated that Jones communicated with her several times.

Even though the two talked on the phone, Jones' lawyers have argued that there is no physical evidence that connects him to Birgfeld's death.

On the night of Birgfeld's murder, Jones told his wife that he believed he left the lights on at the office.

When the police searched Jones' toolbox, they discovered phone numbers for various escorts, their bra sizes, Viagra, a condom, and also a pair of wigs made for men.

Three days after Birgfeld disappeared, the police found her car near Jones' place of work.

At the time Jones was arrested in November of 2014, he was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and kidnapping.

Birgfeld's remains were found in 2012. However, there was no cause of death determined.

After the jury announced the guilty verdict, Jones was sentenced to life in prison without parole by the judge, according to Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

What are your thoughts about this Lester Jones being convicted for the murder of Paige Birgfeld?

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