How to Be a Morning Workout Person

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With the invention of the snooze button, we understand it can be hard to pry yourself away from the comfort of warm and toasty sheets. When we wake up, going back to sleep is usually the most alluring option. But between the demands of our work life and impromptu dinner dates, there isn't enough time in the day to get a solid workout in. It might not seem like your favorite solution, but working out in the morning is totally doable — even for the busiest Womanista! Studies have shown those who exercise in the morning are more consistent than those who workout later in the day.

Go to Sleep Earlier

After a night of binge watching your new Netflix addiction, have you ever thought at the crack of dawn "today is the day I'll run a 5K?" Yeah, never. Sleeping early not only becomes habitual and helps start your A.M. productively, but studies prove those who wake up early for exercise sleep better than those routinely exercising in the evening. Since exercise stimulates our muscles and mind, when you exercise in the evenings, it becomes more difficult to relax or nod off into golden slumbers. Aim for a solid seven to eight hours, and if you have an affinity for the snooze button, place your alarm on the other side of the room.

Establish Goals

What do you want to achieve most? Would you like to work on your tennis skills? Do you hope to participate in a mud run without wondering if your heart will burst out of your chest? How about improving your endurance for a summer yoga retreat or long-distance biking? Establish solid goals as part of your New Year's resolution and keep them in mind. While you're at it, tell your friends because this way, you're responsible for an update when they follow-up.

Devise a Game Plan

Got your goals? Good — now, formulate a game plan. Think of a trail you want to hit up or create a routine for the gym, complete with circuits and weights, or classes you can sign up for with the purpose of accountability. Like a football coach, bring your game plan with you everywhere and study it hard. Find a way to make your morning workout fun so you'll effortlessly stick to it. Keep in mind, life happens and the weatherman isn't exactly Nostradamus. Create an alternative for indoor and outdoor routines. If a snowstorm hits, open your favorite fitness app.

Eat Right

While eating a full meal in the morning before a workout might bring about nausea, it's a good idea to eat a light morning snack like a banana, peanut butter toast or yogurt. Studies have shown working out on an empty stomach isn't ideal for your metabolism or energy levels, so starting your day off right with healthy nibbles can help boost your choices during the day to stay fresh and energized.

Treat Yourself

If you're not convinced and you still love sleeping in, there is a way to work around it and reward yourself, but you have to be honest about it. If you love to start your day with coffee or a quick shopping run at the mall, make a deal with yourself that you're only allowed this particular incentive if you are able to complete a workout. Better yet, that new pair of boots you spotted? Reward yourself with them after a full week's worth of getting up for your scheduled routine.


Plan Your Outfit

We all have mornings where we can't find things or figure out what to wear, but don't let that be the same case for your morning workout. Once you delay your schedule, motivation starts to slip, so consider packing a bag the night before or laying your clothes out. You'll thank yourself when you don't have to dig through your drawers at 6 a.m.