High School Senior Reshoots Yearbook Photo, Turns Into Photoshoot

After 17-year-old student James Charles from Bethlehem, New York received his senior yearbook photos, he was not happy with the results. In order to fix the situation, he took matters into his own hands.

Charles is an aspiring makeup artist and stated that when the first photos were taken he stated that the "lighting was not ideal for my makeup so all my hard work at 7am didn't pay off."

The high school senior normally wouldn't go the extra mile, but he explained that "it was my senior picture and I knew it would be in the yearbook forever." So Charles emailed the photography company requesting the opportunity to re-take his photos and if he could bring along his own lighting ring. Luckily for him, the company agreed.

James Charles stated: "I do love being extra. I'm actually a pretty reserved person, I promise. When I say I'm extra it usually just comes to my makeup looks being extravagant, and I'm also never afraid to drag a local boy when he's being rude on Twitter."

(Photo: Twitter)

After ordering a starter kit online, Charles said that he has been practising with makeup for about a year now.

When he got the final photos, Charles was so excited about the way they turned out that he decided to tweet about them. He wrote: "So I retook my senior photos & brought my ring light with me so my highlight would be poppin. I love being extra."

The tweet quickly went viral and has already received over 34k retweets and 89k favorites on Twitter.

Even Zendaya took notice of Charles "poppin" pics.


So next time you find yourself displeased with your photos, just hit up James Charles for a little makeup fix and for his lighting ring!

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