Guy Goes Ballistic On Cheating Girlfriend, Documents Whole Thing On Snapchat

WARNING: Explicit Language

Some people may believe that when their significant other cheats on them, the situation needs to be dealt with in a private manner amongst the couple. However, one Snapchat user strongly disagreed with this notion as he documented the moment that he caught his girlfriend cheating on video.

Not only did the man catch her in the act of cheating, but he also proceeded to share the experience on Snapchat for all of his followers to see. As the woman was seen walking to her car, the man followed her all the way while spewing profanities in her direction.

While the man laughed off the incident during his Snapchat stories, some of the viewers weren't so convinced that the his feelings weren't hurt. "He cried in between takes," Marvolo commented. "He watching Sex and the City with a bowl of popcorn, ice cream, chocolate cake, and red wine right now with the lights off," another viewer with the alias "Worldstar ads be like" commented.

Another viewer made an astute observation writing, "She was a pro, look how far she parked from the house, down the street."

At the end of the video, the man posting the Snapchat videos proceeded to tell the people that were taking shots at him on social media, "For all you females calling me a h**, calling me a player, as y'all can see...I'm the one that's getting cheated on. I'm the one that's getting played."

Somehow, he still believes that he "got the last laugh."


Do you think this is the kind of situation that should be shared on social media?

[H/T WorldStarHipHop]