Get The Skinny On Your Favorite Coffee House Drinks

Stopping for a coffee is no crime, but do you know exactly what's in those complicated beverages? Instead of going all out, try finding some skinny swaps, or just order a regular coffee, which is often just five to 10 calories!

Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte with 2% Milk and Whipped Cream: You wait all year for this drink to return to the menu, and when it does, you get it as much as possible. So how many calories are you drinking with that morning latte? More than you'd like to admit!

pumpkin spice latte
(Photo: Starbucks)

Make it skinny: Use non-fat milk and ask for no whip for a 260-calorie drink. That will give you zero grams of total fat and lower the cholesterol to 5 milligrams. See the nutrition here.

Starbucks Grande Carmel Macchiato with 2% Milk: Steamed milk with espresso, vanilla flavoring, topped with a foam and a delicious drizzle of caramel, this delicious drink will give you a caffeine buzz, sugar high and resulting crash!

carmel macchiato drink nutrition
(Photo: Starbucks)

Make it skinny: Swapping the 2 percent for non-fat milk will lower the calories to 190, the fat to one measly gram and cholesterol to 10 milligrams. See the full nutrition here.

McDonalds Medium McCafé Hot Chocolate with Whole Milk and Whipped Cream: This is a classic winter drink that you'll be craving at the end of a long, snowy day. Is the calorie count worth the drive-thru on the way home?

mccafe hot chocolate
(Photo: McDonalds)

Make it skinny: Ask for non-fat milk and skip the whip cream with chocolate drizzle. That will bring your drink total to 290 calories and the fat to one gram. See it here.

Dunkin' Donuts Medium Sugar Cookie Latte with Whole Milk: This is a tasty latte that tastes just like your favorite Christmas cookies! Which has more calories, though, the latte or the cookie?

sugar cookie latte
(Photo: Dunkin' Donuts)

Make it skinny: By switching to skim milk, you can lower this calorie count to 270 and have zero grams of fat! See the nutrition here.

Dunkin' Donuts Medium Dunkaccino: A tasty blend of hot chocolate and coffee, this beverage is a Dunkin' Donuts classic that's hard to pass up, but for this many calories, you may want to.

(Photo: Dunkin' Donuts)

Make it skinny: There are no skinny swaps for this drink, your best bet is to get a smaller size (240 calories) or just order a medium original blend coffee (10 calories)!

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Starbucks Grande Peppermint Mocha with 2% Milk and Whipped Cream: Nothing tastes like winter more than this peppermint delight! It's like drinking a candy cane dipped in chocolate, and it doesn't skim over the calories!

peppermint mocha
(Photo: Starbucks)

Make it skinny: Order a Skinny Peppermint Mocha for the same flavors without the whipped cream. It's made with non-fat milk and rings in at 130 calories. See the full nutrition here.

Starbucks Grande White Chocolate Mocha with 2% Milk and Whipped Cream: A creamy white chocolate taste paired with a bold espresso adds up to a delicious drink. But is the taste worth the calorie count?

white chocolate mocha
(Photo: Starbucks)

Make it skinny: Take away the whipped cream and ask for non-fat milk to lower the calories, fat and cholesterol. See it here.

Starbucks Grande Classic Chai Tea Latte with 2% Milk: Spiced black tea that is blended with steamed milk results in a delicious hot drink perfect for fall and winter. Remnant of pumpkin pie flavors, this drink is slightly lower in calories than a Pumpkin Spice Latte but very similar in flavor.

classic chai tea latte
(Photo: Starbucks)

Make it skinny: Non-fat milk only lowers the calories by 30, but there are zero grams of fat and the cholesterol is at only 5 milligrams. Sometimes it's the little things that really make the difference! See the nutrition by clicking here.

Caribou Coffee Medium Campfire Mocha with 2% Milk, Milk Chocolate and Whipped Cream: Real chocolate melted into steamed milk is combined with espresso and toasted marshmallow flavors to bring this decadent drink, but all that yummy goodness adds up to a less-than-healthy drink.

campfire mocha
(Photo: Caribou Coffee)

Make it skinny: Select dark chocolate, skim milk and skip the whipped cream to bring your calories down to 400 and the fat to 17 g. It's still a very unhealthy drink, but if you really think you need this, try and go as skinny as possible! View the nutrition for the slimmed-down version here.

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Caribou Coffee Medium Mint Condition Mocha with 2% Milk, Milk Chocolate and Whipped Cream: Melt the chocolate of your choice and mint flavors into steamed milk and espresso, topped off with Andes Mints.

mint condition mocha
(Photo: Caribou Coffee)

Make it skinny: Lose the whipped cream and switch to dark chocolate and skim milk. You'll end up with a 410 calorie drink instead of 570 and 17 grams of fat instead of 31 grams. It's not the healthiest, but it's an improvement! See the nutrition here.

Caribou Coffee Medium Carmel High Rise with 2% Milk and Whipped Cream: Steamed milk, espresso and a whole lot of caramel come together to give you this rich drink.

carmel high rise
(Photo: Caribou Coffee)

Make it skinny: Use skim milk and refuse the whip for a 220-calorie drink! It's much lower in calories than other fro-fro coffees and still has a rich taste! See the nutrition here.

McDonald's Medium McCafé Mocha with Whole Milk and Whipped Cream: Created with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified expresso beans, this is a coffee drink that will satisfy both your caffeine cravings and sweet tooth!

McCafe Mocha
(Photo: McDonalds)

Make it skinny: Switch to nonfat milk and lose the whipped cream with chocolate drizzle for a 220 calorie drink that only has one gram of fat! See it here.


McDonald's Medium McCafé White Chocolate Mocha with Whole Milk and Whipped Cream: This is a rich beverage with a bold white chocolate flavor that will have your taste buds smiling, but not your diet!

white chocolate mocha
(Photo: McDonalds)

Make it skinny: Switch to non-fat milk and ditch the whipped cream for a drink that's only 270 calories! If you need a sweet indulgence, this could be it. See nutrition here.