Flip Or Flop Star Tarek El Moussa’s Horrendous Verbal Assault Surfaces, According To Eyewitness

As each day passes after official announcements that Tarek and Christina El Moussa will be separating, stories about the tensions between the Flip or Flop stars surface. The most recent reports about Tarek's behavior towards Christina are violent, disrespectful, and downright vile. An eyewitness to this behavior decided to finally speak out about these atrocities to Life & Style Magazine.

According to the eyewitness, Tarek "joked" about raping his wife on more than one occasion. When recalling one specific incident, the source recalled Tarek said, "'Shut up, woman, or I'll rape you.' He actually joked about raping Christina on more than one occasion. Tarek thinks it's funny."

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The crew was disgusted by the comments but did their best to keep their professionalism on the set of the HGTV series.

Occurrences like these took place so often that producers reportedly had to have discussions with the crew. The source reported "the crew was asked to be efficient with takes so that there was no downtime for Tarek and Christina on set." The source added, "When there's downtime, bad things happen."

To shield herself from the verbal filth, Christina would head to her car in between takes for a few moments of quiet. Sadly, that didn't stop Tarek. "One time, he went up to the car and pounded on the window," the source detailed. "Christina locked the doors."

A source at HGTV told Life & Style, "Christina hit a breaking point and couldn't stand to be around him anymore. She fell out of love." The source claims that this behavior was "a huge factor in their marriage falling apart."

This type of behavior is absolutely disgusting and totally explains why the duo is splitting. We hope that Tarek can get the help he needs to deal with his temper and that Christina can rest easier knowing that her abuser will be out of her life soon.


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