Fast Food Under 500: McDonald's

We all try our best to balance work, family, and healthy meals. While we are everyday superheroes, sometimes our schedules are a little too full. When this happens, fast food can become an absolute necessity. Even though the fast food drive thru may feel like a calorie no-no, not all fast food has to be bad! Did you know that it is possible to order an entire meal from McDonald's that's under 500 calories? Here are some healthy options so that you can have the convenience without the guilt.

Cheeseburger: Cheeseburgers are the core of the McDonald's menu, and you don't have to miss out just because you are making healthier choices. Want to cut even more calories? Just ditch the cheese! This cheeseburger checks in at 300 calories. (via McDonald's)

mcdonalds cheeseburgerSide Salad:

At just 20 tiny calories, a side salad is the perfect way to round out a meal! Remember, most salad dressings increase the calorie count so use sparingly. (via McDonald's)

mcdonalds side saladDiet Cola:

Opting for Diet Cola adds zero calories to your meal! A bottle of water can be substituted for an even healthier option. (via McDonald's)

mcdonalds Coca ColaClassic SmallVanilla Cone:

Sometimes a meal just isn't complete until you've had dessert! This small vanilla cone packs 170 calories, but we all deserve to cheat a little. (via McDonald's)

mcdonalds small vanilla cone0comments

Total Calories: 490

For the full McDonald's nutrition menu click here.