Family Discovers Snake In Christmas Tree In Australia

When it comes to Christmas, most people expect to find surprises under their tree, not inside them. Also, those surprises are things like toys and sweaters, not venomous tiger snakes. However, if you live in Australia, all bets are off!

If you live in Australia, you need to accept that animals will be involved in your daily life. Whether you're playing golf and see a python eating a wallaby or if you need to punch a kangaroo in the face for putting your dog in a headlock, these things happen!

A woman in Melbourne spotted the snake in her tree and snapped a picture before locking the room off from the rest of the house. She sent the photo to Barry Goldsmith, a professional snake trapper.

"It's one of the more different ones, but we find them in all sorts of places," according to Goldsmith. "Tiger snakes are very good climbers."

Apparently the warmer weather in Australia means snakes are much more active and people find them all over the place. Goldsmith commends the woman for springing into action instead of attempting to kill it, saying, "It's dangerous, it's illegal, and it's cruel."


[H/T The Guardian]