Emilio Rivera Weighed In On Jax And Mayans MC

Emilio Rivera has officially weighed in on whether Charlie Hunnam's character, Jax Teller, would be a good fit for the the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff show Mayans MC.

Pop Culture Now's Jameson Brown reached out to the 55-year-old actor to ask, "Would Jax make a good fit for the #MayansMC world?" Rivera responded by writing, "Yes, Solid dude."

While Rivera may have revealed that he believed Jax Teller would be a good fit for the Mayans MC series, he did mention that he hasn't been given any additional information about the show at this point.

When asked if he had any update on Mayans MC or his involvement with the show in general, Rivera wrote, "Not at all."

Not only would Emilio Rivera like to see Jax Teller in the series, but also Charlie Hunnam would be down to reprise his role. Hunnam recently said in an interview, "Listen, I'm unemployed right now so if they want to give me a job that's all good with me."

Emilio Rivera also opened during a Twitter Q&A about his favorite moments from Sons of Anarchy, check out what scenes made the cut for Rivera here.

Over the last several weeks, Rivera has sent mixed signals about his involvement with Mayans MC. In one social media post he will seemingly indicate that he is going to be starring in the offshoot series, and in the next he is claiming that he has not received any word about the show whatsoever.

On November 21, Rivera responded to a Twitter user asking whether he was going to be on Mayans MC. He wrote, "No I'm not even sure if I'm on Mayans MC yet."

Do you hope that Jax Teller can make an appearance in Mayans MC?

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