Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Dresses Up As Supergirl

At a party in Long Island over the weekend, Supergirl was spotted in close proximity to Lex Luthor and she refused to do anything about it. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't Supergirl, but rather Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway in a Supergirl costume. Also, it wasn't Lex Luthor, it was Donald Trump wearing what he normally wears.

Supposedly the costume party had a "Heroes and Villain" theme, but if Conway was Supergirl, that might automatically make Trump the villain. However, considering that Supergirl is technically an illegal alien, it's possible that he considers himself the hero with Kara Zor-El being the villain.

President-elect Trump remained out of costume for the whole party, as he had to leave the party to angrily tweet about how much he hates Saturday Night Live.

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