Donald Trump Inauguration Spawns Terrifying Riots

Warning: this video contains explicit language.

A shocking new clip has surfaced from Donald Trump's Inauguration, and the occasion has sparked outrage that has resulted in terrifying riots.

A group of masked men was caught on camera bashing in the windows of a Starbucks in D.C.

One of the rioters was filmed yelling: "F*ck that! F*ck Starbucks!"

Breitbart News posted the disturbing video with the caption: "Meanwhile, at Starbucks...(video by @stranahan) #Inauguration."

Another video posted on Twitter shows how much havoc was wreaked upon the coffee store location. The glass was completely shattered on the large windows at the Starbucks.

Twitter user and NBC news writer Phil McCausland shared a video with the caption: "Group of protesters came through and allegedly threw bricks at banks and a Starbucks. Riot police came soon after #inauguration."

Freelance journalist Johnny Silvercloud told NBC News that he saw people spray-painting a white truck and throwing trashcans before the police in riot gear arrived.

"I saw one guy, he was like pushing a cop, kind of antagonizing him, and the cop with the riot shield was banging him back," Silvercloud said.

One protester explained why there was such a strong reaction to Donald Trump's Inauguration.

"We're here to take a stand against the ideas that Trump spouted throughout the course of this campaign -- sexism, Islamophobia, his bigotry and nationalism," one protester said while talking with CNN.

In addition to the demolition done at the Starbucks, a Bank of America branch was another building targeted by rioters.

The police were forced to respond with gas, pepper spray, stun grenades and water cannons in order to thwart the riots.

What are your thoughts about these riots at Donald Trump's inauguration?


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