Disturbing 911 Call Released After Texas Mom Fatally Shoots Daughters

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The chilling 911 calls placed from inside the terror-filled home where Texas mother Christy Sheats fatally shot her two daughters, Taylor, 22, and Madison, 17, have been released.

Sheats' husband, Jason, can be heard in the disturbing audio obtained by PEOPLE begging his wife to put her weapon down, in addition to their daughters' frantic pleas.

"Please don't point the gun at us. Put down your gun," the male voice begs. "Please don't shoot."

He reportedly continues to apologize and offer to do anything Sheats wants — if only she'll surrender her weapon. He also apparently tries to reason with her. "I promise you whatever you want," he claims, to which she replies, "Too late."

Two calls were placed from the home, one from each of the sisters. All of the family members present can be heard throughout the gut-wrenching phone calls, in addition to yells and hysterical crying. At one point, Taylor apparently struggles to talk to the operator after being shot.

A concerned neighbor placed the third call to police and stayed on the phone for nearly nine minutes. He described Sheats' appearance and detailed how someone had been shot outside of the residence, after a woman with a gun emerged from the home. He further explained how two girls were lying in the street while a man tried to help them, and added that the woman had stood over them with a gun.

When the call began, he described the victims as being alive, however, claimed Sheats went back into the home after appearing to be out of bullets. When she returned to the street, he claimed she fired another shot at one of the victims.

Authorities have confirmed that Sheats called her husband and daughters for a family meeting, before the harrowing ordeal escalated to the deadly shooting. Sheats is accused of opening fire inside the home, before taking it to the residential street after her husband and daughters fled the living room.

Deputies arrived at the horrific scene after Sheats had reloaded her five shot .38-caliber handgun, which was passed down from her great grandfather to "protect her family." They watched as Sheats refused to drop her weapon and further shot one of her daughters again, before being fatally shot by police herself.

As previously reported, Sheats had a history of mental illness and the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office had previously responded to 14 calls for service to the residence since January 2012.


Article compiled by Julianne Cassidy of Womanista.