Dinosaur-Size Alligator Cruises Just A Few Feet From Photographers

Photographers in Lakeland, Florida captured a jaw-dropping moment on camera when a dinosaur-sized alligator walked by only a few feet away.

The shocking video, filmed by Kim Joiner, was taken on Sunday, January 15 at Circle B in Lakeland on marsh Rabbit Run, according to ABC Action News. The clip shows an enormous gator slowly crossing a pathway

The clip shows an enormous gator slowly crossing a pathway as a group of photographers are set up only several feet away. The reptile's massive body and tail could barely fit in the frame of the camera screen, but the gigantic creature wasn't fazed by the presence of humans whatsoever.

The original video was posted on the Lakeland Police Department Facebook page with the caption: "Who says Dinosaurs Are Extinct? Check out this amazing creature caught during an afternoon stroll by Kim Joiner at Circle B Bar Reserve yesterday."

Facebook user Debi Martin Smith wrote: "Circle B is a preserve where all the native creatures are left alone to do what they do best...be themselves. This gator is one of many that call Circle B home and this one, bigger than most is only interested in getting to his lake. Not the people watching him. I go to Circle B 3-4 times a week and have never been of interest to the gators there."

No official word on how big this alligator actually is, but by the looks of it, the reptile has to be one of the biggest in the state of Florida.

Ever since the enormous gator was captured on video, a slew of onlookers have swarmed the surrounding area trying to catch a glimpse of it.

Check out the video of the gigantic alligator above.

How would you have reacted if you saw this alligator right beside you?

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