Dad Builds Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Train For Terminally Ill Son

Payton Morley was diagnosed with Hunter's Syndrome when he was an infant. It has caused him to lose the ability to speak and hear. But, despite his illness, Payton gets to be the king of school Halloween with one of the coolest costumes around.

Hunter's Syndrome is a rare disease that not only takes away one's ability to communicate, but it also significantly shortens a person's lifespan. The average age for a person diagnosed with the disease is only a few years older than Payton is now – he just turned nine.

Payton's father, Chad, wants him to be able to celebrate Halloween like the other students in his class. So, Chad goes above and beyond with Payton's costumes. He not only makes them wheelchair friendly, but impressively detailed.

Last year, Payton got to be Dusty Crophopper from Disney's Planes. This year, he gets to become part of his favorite movie, The Polar Express, and drive the train engine in his school's Halloween parade.

Not only did Chad manage to create an impressive train engine costume, but it also comes with custom features. It has buttons to make train sounds. It has a bell in the front. It even has a working smoke stack with a smoke machine. Needless to say, it was a hit at school.

"It was pretty amazing, it's hard not to get choked up," Chad said. "I'm pretty speechless."

Payton had been in the hospital for a few weeks leading up to Halloween, but his doctors let him out a little early, just so he could be at his school's parade. He rode through the halls in his train as his schoolmates cheered him on.

"It was very heart warming and to know the community is behind us and the school and the support that Payton gets, it's overwhelming," said Payton's mother, Cassandra.

The best part about this costume is that Payton can easily ride in it again at Christmas time.