Creepy Clowns Are Popping Up In New Jersey, And Seeking Out Children

The nightmarish trend of creepy clown sightings and encounters have continued to terrorize communities all over the United States. Reports have now surfaced of these sinister looking characters all throughout the Lehigh Valley in New Jersey.

On Tuesday, Phillipsburg police Captain Robert Stettner stated, "We don't need a society living in fear." The police received calls of four reported sightings in town over the past couple days, according to

(Photo: NJ Advance Media File)

The first call came around 8 p.m. on Sunday to report three clowns in Walters Park that allegedly popped out of the woods and chased after a child.

On Monday, Stettner mentioned that three more sightings were reported in the Warren County community. On Hudson Street around 5 p.m., a person was spotted dressed as a clown. Later around 7:45 p.m. on Shafer Avenue, a jester clutching some type of sword allegedly ran after a child. Lastly, the police said that multiple clowns were seen hanging out the window of a dark-colored truck around 9:30 p.m. on Mercer Street.

Also, around 3:15 p.m. on Monday afternoon, three people dressed as clowns chased a group of children near Wilson Borough elementary school in Northampton County (PA). The clowns then rode away in a white vehicle headed south on Front Street.

School staff monitored the premises for around 30 minutes. Police Chief Steven Parkansky investigated the report, but found no people or vehicles matching the descriptions.

"There's always a concern that people are copy-catting for the sake of scaring people," Stettner explained. "You see somebody in a clown mask, don't go talk to them," Stettner warned parents and children.

Stettner advised people to stay away from the creepy clowns, and to report the sightings to the police if anyone sees anything suspicious.

"If somebody's running around with a sword, we have more of an issue," Stettner said. "(But) people are allowed to walk around with a clown mask."

Why do you think this creepy clown craze has taken over the country?