Chris Rock Announces His Run For President in 2020

Now that the 2016 Presidential Election is finally over, it's time to start looking to the future – the 2020 Presidential Election! Since the announcement of Donald Trump as the President-elect, many people have thrown in their name for a 2020 candidacy. The most recent, comedian/actor Chris Rock.

The actor took to Twitter on Thursday to officially announce his plans to run. What's more, he proved that he already has more political experience than the current President-elect, by using an altered movie poster from his film Head of State.

"I'm gonna run in 2020 wish me luck," he tweeted.

Though Trump was criticized for many things during his campaign, one of the most concerning was that he has had no military or political experience at all, whatsoever. Rock, on the other hand, has played a politician in a movie. Sure, that's like asking an actor from Grey's Anatomy to perform surgery, but at least it's something. In the film, Rocks character is an alderman who gets roped into running for president when one candidate dies during the campaign.

Rock isn't the only celebrity to have recently hinted – or even announced – a possible run in 2020. Stars like The Rock hinted at a possible run, while others flat out said it was happening. For example, Kanye West announced his candidacy during the MTV Music Awards, while Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman announced his on Twitter.

Many believe that Trump's "celebrity status" helped him win the election, so, perhaps there is a chance we will see a President Rock in the future.

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