Charles Manson's Grandson Speaks Out About Being Blocked From The Hospital

Now that Charles Manson's health scare is over, he has been returned to Central Valley prison to continue serving the rest of his life sentence. His grandson, Jason Freeman, is pleading to visit Manson's bedside to tell him face-to-face that he loves him, despite all of his crimes, but his efforts have been rejected.

Freeman posted a video saying that, if you're not on the visitor list, you're unable to spend time with a prisoner, and Freeman has not received the proper forms. According to Freeman, Manson is attempting to spare his grandson any connection to him and separate him from all of his awful crimes.

Regardless, Manson has told Freeman that he loves him and Freeman was hoping to have the opportunity to share those words with his grandfather in person.

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Manson was admitted to Mercy Hospital in downtown Bakersfield, CA earlier this week due to a serious health issue. Doctors refused to operate on his intestinal bleeding as they said the 82-year-old was too weak to survive the procedure.

In 1971, Charles Manson was found guilty and sentenced to death by the California Supreme Court. His sentence was later lightened to "life in prison with the possibility of parole," but after 12 attempts, has subsequently been denied parole.

John Peck, a member of the panel that denied Manson parole in 2012, spoke out bout the murderer's mindset, recalling comments that read, "I have spent my life in prison. I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man."

Although nothing can be done to change history and undo all of the horrific acts Manson has pulled off and encouraged others to take part in, between refusal to see his grandson and openly admitting how dangerous he is, it sounds like he knows the best place for him is prison.

Manson spent his teenage and early adult years in and out of prison as he was involved in the hippie community in San Francisco in the early and mid-'60s. He gained a reputation as a charming individual, using his way with words to compel his followers, his "family," to commit heinous crimes in his name. Most notably, Manson convinced Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel

Most notably, Manson convinced Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel to murder famous actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time, and four other guests in the home on August 8, 1969. In addition to the brutal killings, Manson directed his family to write things in blood and to leave "something witchy," giving rise to the concept of Satanic cults in the '70s who would sacrifice victims for supposed rituals.

Acting under the notion that there would be an apocalyptic race war, which he dubbed "Helter Skelter," Manson was convicted conspiracy to commit the murders of seven people, including Sharon Tate and her guests. He has been in jail ever since his conviction, minus his recent medical scare.


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