Charles Manson Reenactment Video Is Laughably Horrible, But Still Terrifying

A Charles Manson reenactment video has been circulating on the Internet and the clip is laughably horrible. Despite the utter ridiculousness of the video, the recreated moment when the notorious murderer meets Sharon Tate is still quite terrifying.

The video comes via Reelz' Murder Made Me Famous - Charles Manson. The TV special revisited a dark series of events that went down in 1969 when Charles Manson and his cult followers went on a killing spree.

The narrator of the video sets up the clip by saying:

"The house at 10050 Cielo Drive has just been vacated by Beach Boys producer Terry Melcher, the source of Manson's frustrations. And in early 1969, Sharon and Roman move in. After the Polanskis move in, photographer Shahrokh Hatami is taking promotional photos of Sharon at the residence when they get a visitor."

The reenactment of the encounter shows Manson trespassing on the Polanski property. When Hatami asks him what he is doing there, Manson says, "Yeah, I'm looking for Terry Melcher."

"I think you've got the wrong house," Hatami says. "See, this is the Polanski residence."

In the video, Manson then realizes that Terry Melcher is not on the property and then proceeds to make some bizarre faces at Sharon Tate before departing.

Check out the clip from the Charles Manson reenactment video above.

Most recently, Sharon Tate's sister spoke out following Mason's hospitalization. Debra Tate is fearful that when the infamous murderer finally dies that his passing may spark another killing spree.

"I think we could have a murder spree again," Tate said while talking with InTouch Weekly. "I'm very concerned that there could be significant backlash from his passing. He has thousands of followers now, and every one of them is evil."

"I think he's criminally crazy," Debra said. "The public should be afraid."

Learn more about what Debra Tate said here.

To see more, check out Murder Made Me Famous — Charles Manson on Reelz.

What was your reaction after watching this Charles Manson reenactment?


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