California Father Gruesomely Killed On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, a California father was looking for last-minute presents while shopping at Target with his son when he was stabbed to death in the store.

36-year-old Tyrone Griffin Jr. reportedly was fatally wounded after getting into an altercation with two men, according to law enforcement authorities.

Nicole Simmons, Griffin's girlfriend, said the dispute was caused after Griffin asked the two men to turn down the music they were playing on their cell phones, which included explicit lyrics, according to People.

The altercation quickly escalated and one of the men stabbed Griffin. The police explained that he was rushed to a nearby hospital but he later died.

Griffin's four-year-old son witnessed the horrifying incident.

Nicole Simmons set up a GoFundMe page after Griffin's death in order to raise money for the four kids they were raising together. She explained that Griffin headed to Target on Saturday night because he realized his daughter, Jade, had fewer gifts than the other children after taking inventory of his purchases.

"Words can't describe the pain I feel inside," Simmons wrote on the GoFundMe page. "My heart continues to beat but I don't feel alive. My children wake up on Christmas Day. But their father was killed the night before and I don't know what to say. How do I explain to my children that their father will no longer be coming home. Last minute gifts was what he wanted for his kids on Christmas Eve."

She continued by writing: "What type of person would take a life in front of a child. My children are fatherless because of a thoughtless act of rage. Something that could have been totally avoided just by walking away. Tyrone was an awesome father, a thoughtful son, a caring brother and a loving husband. Tyrone Griffin Jr was stabbed to death on Christmas Eve at the Hayward target buying last minute gifts for his children whom love him dearly. God has taken one of the greatest gifts I've ever received."

The two suspects who allegedly stabbed Griffin were arrested by the Hayward Police Department. The two men are brothers named Jesse Archuleta, 25, and Frankie Archuleta, 22.

The Archuleta brothers are being held in the Hayward City Jail without bail. They have not yet entered a plea.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Griffin's friends and family during this difficult time.


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