Booty and Core Tabata Bootcamp [VIDEO]

Need to tone that tummy? How about your booty? With this Tabata workout you can do both! This workout is focusses on intervals, so push yourself through the workout and rest during your short breaks. Grab your equipment and get ready to tone!

1. Plank Jack: A plank jack is a great plank variation that engages your entire body. You'll feel the burn as you move your legs. Be sure you are keeping your abs nice and tight! Click here to get more info on the move.

2. Single Leg Squat on Step: This is a real booty burner! If you can, try not to let that foot touch the ground. It's a great way to push yourself and really tighten the tush. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

3. Burpee: A burpee is a total-body move that will leave you exhausted. Why? Because it's seriously effective. Click here to learn a standard burpee and use the video above to adjust with an added row.

4. Booty Lift Plank: You'll really feel this in your booty, but it's also great for slimming those outer thighs. You can modify this plank if necessary, but we believe you can push through it! Click here to see it done.


5. Seated Hip Abduction with Resistance Band: You'll enjoy pushing through this move because you can feel it working as you go. Click here to see it done without equipment and watch the video above to see it with the resistance band.

6. Squat Step with Resistance Band: The trick to this move is to not bring your feet together. That ensures your muscles are working the entire time. Remember to use proper squat form as you perform this move! Click here to get more details on the squat step.