Blac Chyna Reveals Dog-Filtered Snapchat Pic With An Aggressive Caption

After a pretty crazy month in December 2016, it seems as though Blac Chyna decided to spend most of her January 2017 pretty relaxed. She hasn't been up to anything too crazy, or dramatic. Well, that is until she posted a pretty aggressive photo on Snapchat.

The reality TV star was spending a bit of time going through a few of her filters in the messaging app. She took a few videos getting her hair done and promoting ads for Lyft. All of which, she took using the dog face filter.

While it was funny to watch the cartoon dog tongue lick while she tried to speak and even funnier when the app added the filter to the face on her shirt, it was one of her final snaps that seemed a bit weird given her previously playful mood.

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"Both I'm a dog," she captioned the photo on Snapchat.

The photo features another image where Chyna is using the dog filter. This time she is bearing her teeth like she is growling at whoever she is calling a bitch.

Even if it is just her having a bit of fun with filters, this one is a bit more aggressive than the ones before. Maybe sassy Blac Chyna will be making a dramatic appearance sooner rather than later?


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