Billy Bush Reportedly Being Courted by Breitbart News

After Billy Bush was fired from the Today show after hot-mic audio surfaced of the host making lewd comments about women with president-elect Donald Trump back in 2005, Bush may have a new opportunity on the horizon.

(Photo: Instagram / @people)

Page Six reports that Bush is being courted by Breitbart News, the conservative website headed by Trump's top adviser Steve Bannon.

"They are trying to recruit Billy Bush," said a media insider of Breitbart. "They want to expand covering Hollywood in a big way — and think Billy would be perfect for the job."

As part of his settlement with NBC, Bush didn't have to sign a "noncompete clause," which means that he can go wherever he wants, including competing outlets. However, Bush may not be interested in taking this new gig.

"Billy's ego is big," said a media insider. "He likes to be a TV star, and would want to go to a rival like ABC or CBS."


Bush received a reported $10 million as part of his settlement package, so he doesn't exactly need a new job any time soon.

This story first appeared at Womanista.