Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar Gets Personal About His Real-Life Relationships

On Wednesday, The Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar stopped by The Talk to dish on his real-life relationships and to chat about his new animated movie, Trolls.

Nayyar voices a troll named Guy Diamond in the forthcoming film. Nayyar describes his character as "the resident naked troll." He also said that his troll "farts glitter, and he speaks in Auto-tune. So, yeah, I can add that to my résumé."

After chatting about Trolls, the 35-year-old British Born actor went on to explain that next month is a huge milestone in his marriage. He and his Indian model wife, Neha Kapur, are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. While Nayyar may be happily hitched, his character on the Big Bang Theory is still single.

The Talk hosts asked Nayyar if he is hopeful that Raj finds "the one" on this season of BBT. "I enjoy being single, to be honest," Nayyar said. "You know, it's really fun to sort of live my life vicariously through my character, since I'm married now."

While Kunal was only joking about enjoying his single life through his character, he did tease that Raj might have a new love interest in the cleaning lady at the university at which his characters works.

"I think that's a really cool dichotomy for someone who grew up in India, with servants, to fall in love," Nayyar said. "So it's a really beautiful way the writers have scripted the story. It's nice to explore different sides of this character, romantically."

Based on what Kunal Nayyar recently said in an interview, he plans on exploring different sides of his character for many seasons to come. He explained that he and the rest of the cast have no intentions of ending The Big Bang Theory any time soon because they simply enjoy the experience so much.

"But as a human being, being on the show is the happiest place in the world," Nayyar said. "So if this were the rest of my life, and if I could make a living as an actor being surrounded by such talented and wonderful people and co-workers who are more than but are family, then absolutely yes."

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS. Also, check out The Talk on weekdays at 2 pm ET.

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