'Benny The Jet' From The Sandlot Avoids Prison For Brutal Beatdown

In the classic baseball flick The Sandlot, the awkward Scotty Smalls finds himself idolizing a neighborhood kid named Benny, played by Mike Vitar, for his speed and skills on the baseball diamond. People might find it hard to look at the movie the same way after realizing that Vitar delivered an incredibly brutal beating this past October, one for which he won't have to serve any jail time.

Vitar, who has left acting behind and became a firefighter, suspected a grad student of entering the gated community in which Vitar lived to hand out tainted candy to kids on Halloween. The former actor and another firefighter confronted the victim and beat him so mercilessly, his pulse stopped. It was then up to Vitar and his fellow firefighter to actually revive the person they attacked to bring them back to life.

Despite the horrific details of the attack, Vitar won't have to go to prison and instead must serve 90 hours of community service, pay a $2,000 fine, and attend weekly anger management classes. He will also have to pay restitution to the victim, with the amount being determined in a hearing next month.

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