Baywatch Star Charlotte McKinney Considers Breast Reduction Surgery After Being Bullied

Charlotte McKinney isn't afraid to tell it like it is, especially when it comes to her looks. The actress recently opened up about how her drop dead looks was actually a major disadvantage for her growing up. That fact has since lead the Baywatch star to consider having breast reduction surgery.

McKinney's first big role was in a Super Bowl commercial for Carl's Jr. back in 2015. She wore a super sexy white bikini top with short white shorts and ate a burger. The ad was supposed to be outrageously sexy, and McKinney knows it and accepts that that was the part she was playing. Now she has moved on to other roles, including a part in Dwayne Johnson's Baywatch.

"I'm always going to be sexy," she said. "I'm always going to have those photo shoots, but I'm really looking for different roles that aren't so commercial and are a bit cooler."

It was just those sexy looks that got McKinney bullied during school. It became such a problem for her that it actually forced her to drop out of high school. As it turns out, being voluptuous as she is isn't a great way to make friends. She admits that she didn't have a lot of female friends, but did have a lot of male friends, which just caused more tension between her and the other girls at her school.

"A lot of my friends were guys, and I was called a slut by a lot of people. I was growing these large breasts at such a young age, not really knowing what to do with them or how to wear them. So it was definitely awkward," she said. "Girls would yell at me and call me a slut. I would go to parties and get beer thrown on my head – there was so much bullying."

Now that she is older, McKinney has admitted that she has considered getting reduction surgery. Though thanks to her diet, her breasts have gotten smaller, she is sure that at some point she is going to have to have some sort of reduction or lift. It is one of the many disadvantages of having large breasts. Of course, that doesn't mean she wants other kinds of plastic surgery.

"If that's what makes you feel better, then got for it," McKinney said about surgery. "But for me, I just don't see the point."


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