Anthony Michael Hall Alleged Battery Victim Speaks Out

Details about the incident between actor Anthony Michael Hall and his neighbor Richard Samson are coming to light. Samson recently spoke out about his side of the story and his plans to press charges and request a restraining order against Hall.

Hall, known for his parts in Breakfast Club and as a member of the Brat Pack in the 80's, has a reputation for having a short temper. This isn't the first time he has had issues with residents at his complex.

"I am not the only one in the complex who has had interactions with him. The police have been here before because of him," says Samson. "It's a scary thing living next to this guy."

anthony michael hall

Samson said that on the day of the altercation, September 13, 2016, he had heard someone yelling outside. So, he went to investigate only to find Hall yelling at one of the other residents of the condominium complex Samson and Hall share.

"[Hall] got into a tussle with someone else in the complex, I heard yelling out my front door and walked out to see what was going on," Samson explained. "I told him [Hall], 'You need to calm down.' Within two seconds, he was in my face and said some very unpleasant things to me, He then shoved me and I fell to the ground."

When Samson fell, he said that he heard and felt his wrist break. He quickly called 911 and has spent the last two months in a cast and is currently in physical therapy for his injury. Since the initial incident, Samson has not seen or had any contact with Hall, but is working with a lawyer to press charges.

Earlier reports suggest that the fight was started due to a gate being left open. Samson wants to set the record straight saying that there was no gate involved. He emphasizes that he simply walked outside to see why Hall was yelling at another resident – that resident wishes to remain anonymous.