Andy Cohen Has A Sex Story That Others Simply Cannot Match

On Wednesday morning, Andy Cohen shared a sex story that may be one of the craziest things you will ever hear.

Cohen is currently out promoting his new book Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries. The Watch what Happens Live host made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show and detailed a story about having a threesome with a straight man and his girlfriend that he met on his book tour.

Andy Cohen
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The 40-year-old talk show host revealed that he was intrigued by the proposition for two reasons: he wanted to finally lose his virginity to a woman, and he would like to have sexual contact with a straight man.

Cohen and the couple began exchanging texts back and forth. The straight man established some rules before the threesome was going to go down, and then proceeded to send a picture of his genitals to Cohen. He also added that the man's girlfriend would only have a threesome with either Paul Walker, who is deceased, or Andy, who is gay.

The moment Cohen realized that he was going to lose his virginity, he elaborated on the X-rated picture and began sharing the news to all his friends.

"I started texting everyone I know," Cohen said to Stern. "I text Kelly Ripa the d*ck pic, and I go, 'Just FYI do you see this couple?'"

Cohen said that Ripa responded, "That is a beautiful picture." Andy also said that Ripa "was so into it. When I tell you I texted everyone I know, I was like, 'Your boy is losing his virginity tonight!' People were so psyched for me."

Andy also reached out to another one of his BFFs.

"Sarah Jessica Parker was shooting a movie in Italy. I go, 'I need you to know that I am going to lose my virginity tonight. By the time you wake up tomorrow."

The Watch What Happens Live host then made plans to meet up with the couple at a hotel he was staying at after one of his book sightings. Cohen said that the couple almost fainted because they were so excited. In fact, they were under the impression that they were getting catfished.

"We wound up having a really great 90 minute hangout at the bar," Cohen said.

Spoiler alert: Cohen is still a virgin.

Listen to the Andy Cohen interview with Howard Stern below:


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