Alec Baldwin Holds His Own Trump Press Conference On Saturday Night Live

Needless to say, if you don't think you've gotten your weeks worth of Trump humor, don't worry, Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live are here to help. Yes, the 30 Rock star threw on his costume one more time before the inauguration to do his part as playing President-elect Donald Trump.

This week, the late night skit show addressed Trump's very first press conference since the election. What's more, the show used the press conference to address many of the other stories that have been popping up about Trump over the last few weeks.

One of the major stories was related to the unverified documents that were brought to light that show that Trump has significant ties to Russia. The documents also claim that Trump participated in a series of lewd acts with women while he was visiting Russia.

If you are unsure about which lewd acts the documents are accusing Trump, SNL will certainly fill you in.

The fake press conference also addresses the fact that Trump flat out called CNN fake news during his actual conference, refusing to take a completely valid question from the known news network. The show also tackles the strange appearance of Trump's lawyer and an insane amount of "paperwork" at the President-elect's conference.

This is the last time Baldwin will be able to portray the President-elect on the SNL stage before Trump is officially inaugurated on January 20th. That, however, won't stop Baldwin's playing Trump. Baldwin will simply join the list of cast members to portray one of the countries many presidents on the show.

Baldwin will likely appear on next week's show, which occurs the day after Trump's inauguration.


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