A UFO Expert Who Was 'Vomiting Black Liquid' Has Mysteriously Died

UFO expert and leading conspiracy theorist Max Spiers was recently found dead in Poland, and the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death are disturbing.

Only days before his death, Spiers sent a haunting text message to his mother, Vanessa Bates. Spiers wrote, "Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate."

(Photo: Facebook / Max Spiers)

The 39-year-old father of two was found dead on a sofa in Poland. He had left the United States after being asked to give a lecture about UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Bates said, "He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July."

Before he died in the Warsaw apartment, Spiers' friends claim that he "vomited a black liquid."

Many of Spiers' friends and conspiracy theorists believe that anyone who gets to close in their investigations into government coverrups and UFOs soon winds up getting killed.

Miles Johnson, Spiers' friend said, "A person has died here and I don't think it's good enough [that] somebody who just took normal medication shold end up vomiting, spewing black liquid, whatever it was."

"And then shortly after that, whatever length of time it was, died," Johnson said.

Vanessa Bates also told the New York Post that a pathologist in east Kent carried out a post-mortem examination of Max's body. However, it is been two months since his death, and she still does not know the result. There also will not be an investigation into Max's death according to Bates.

"Apparently, he had not suffered any obvious physical injuries but he could have been slowly poisoned, which is why the results of toxicology tests from his post-mortem are so important."

The investigation into Spiers' death is only at the "very early" stages according to the North East Kent coroner's office.

Spiers is originally from Canterbury and was actually a classmate of Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom. He has two sons and a brother (Josh) and a sister (Becky).

What do you think happened to Max Spiers?


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