A Muslim Comedian Sat Next To Eric Trump On A Plane And Got More Than He Expected

Muslim comedian Mohammad Amer got a rare opporuntiy on his flight to Scotland. He was "randomly" placed in the seat next to none other than Eric Trump. What could have turned into one of the most awkward flight in the history of airplanes, actually turned into quite the enlightening conversation.

Amer said that his random seat in first class was a gift from god and that "Allah is just trying to hook me up." After a bit of awkward silence, Amer took the opportunity to open a conversation about President-elect Donald Trump's proposed policies and how they are affecting people, especially Muslims.

When Amer said that he was not going to register and get an ID, the response from Trump was not what he was expecting.

"Ah, come one, man. You can't believe everything you read," Trump replied. "Do you really think we're gonna do that?"

"Good news guys Muslims will not have to check in and get IDs. That's what I was told. I will be asking him a lot of questions on this trip to Glasgow, Scotland," Amer said when he posted a selfie of the two of them on Instagram. "Sometimes God just sends you the material."

As the conversation went on between the two men, Amer pointed out that President-elect Trump basically played the media to do exactly what he wanted, report on what he wanted. The "firestorm" that Donald Trump created was exactly what he needed to get elected, to which Eric Trump agreed.

"That's what he told me. He basically acknowledged the fact that his father played this thing like a mad genius and that's how he got elected and he admitted it," Amer said.

After a while, Trump eventually fell asleep, which gave Amer the chance to take a few more selfies with him. He should have known better than to fall asleep next to a comedian. What's more, he should probably know better than to divulge such information about his father's campaign – especially to a comedian.


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