A California Professor Was Filmed Saying Donald Trump Is A 'White Supremacist'

A professor in California is in hot water after expressing her opinions on President-elect Donald Trump and VP-elect Mike Pence. Her lecture was recorded by a student, who then gave it to the college Republican group. That group made a formal complaint against the teacher for what she said in the classroom.

Olga Perez Stable Cox has been an instructor of psychology at Orange Coast College for 30 years. Recently in a lecture, she spoke to her students about the recent presidential election. Based on the video taken during her class, she was planning on discussing coping mechanisms with her students, but first spoke her opinion about Trump and Pence.

She started by saying Trump is a "white supremacist" and that Pence is "one of the most anti-gay humans in this country." She continued to talk about how the nation is going through difficult times.

"Our nation is divided, we have been assaulted, it's an act of terrorism," she continued. "One of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that they people creating the assault are among us. It is not some stranger from some other country coming and attacking our sense of what it means to be and American…"

A recording of the lecture later got into the hands of the school's College Republicans, who complained to the president of the then college. They claim that Cox used her influence as a teacher to "scare-monger" and shame students for their political beliefs. The group asks that the professor apologizes to her students and enrolls in anger management classes.

Cox has yet to make a statement about the incident, however, her union has noted that the video footage used in the complaint is, in fact, illegal. According to California's education code, recordings are prohibited without permission from the teacher.

The president of the college said, "One of the real purposes of the college experience is to share and interact with people who have different opinions on complex issues."


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